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    UI/UX Designer @Squarespace.

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    Web security expert at cloudflare

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    System admin at Drip.

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Spider Pro - The easiest way to scrape the internet. | Product Hunt Embed Spider Pro - The easiest way to scrape the internet.

Incredible extension! Helps introduce web scraping in an easy to understand, intuitive fashion. Has automated hours of my workflow - if you find yourself often copy and pasting from various websites, this extension is for you!

Spider has made it SO easy to scrape content and resources whenever I need. Simple enough for a non-technical user like me, and much cheaper than other web scrapers"

I've used Spider Pro to help me build lists in numerous ways -- from founders on Twitter for my podcast, to Google search results to build a directory for my day job. Easiest crawler I've run across. Love it!

Spider pro is super fast and works as you would expect it. I like it!

By far the Fastest, Easiest and ready to use scrapper. Fast and personal support when needed.

Spider Pro has been an indispensable tool for fast and efficient data collection!

Spider Pro is a fantastic tool to quickly gather data from webpages. The time it takes to set up and scrape data is truly amazing.

I love everything about Spider Pro. The fact that I can crawl multiple pages and download a clean csv file is huge. It’s amazing that all it takes is a few minutes and I have instant insights.


Wait, is it $38 monthly or only $38?

It's $38 only. Most of the scraping tools require a subscription fee but Spider Pro doesn't! We believe there should be a solution that costs very little, easy to use for non programmers. That's why we made Spider Pro.

Some of the stuff I want to scrape are sensitive information. Is Spider Pro secure?

Spider Pro is a browser entension that doesn't require a web app component to run. Therefore, we don't store ANY of your scraping information and everything lives on your computer. We take privacy seriously and will not store things without your permision.

Do you provide trial?

Unfortunately we do not anymore. Due to the nature of extension and how easy it is to abuse the license, we had to remove that capability from the previous versions. Please make sure to play around the tool on and see if you like it before purchasing!

Can I scrape password protected stuff with Spider?

Yes! It’s a browser extension, so as long as you log in first, you can scrape whatever you like.

Can I scrape in? Like, can I automatically scrape the product detail page from the product list page?

Not right now, but we might implement something to do this in the future. Check out the Spider Road Map.

Clicking the Next button is tedious when scraping paginated results. Why don’t you just automate it?

Our goal with the browser extension is to mimic manual use when it makes sense, while still saving of time and keeping things organized. Automating things in this way could put load on servers in a way that a manual user couldn’t, and we don’t want to enable that behavior. That being said, we would like to improve this experience in the future, so keep an eye on the Road Map.

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